How to Handle the Urge to Eat When Not Hungry

When we get a craving or urge to eat when we’re not hungry, we usually do one of two things. We either give in to it, or we try to resist it.

Giving in to an urge or craving is part of a habit loop that we have developed and practiced for a long time. Every time we give in to an urge, we strengthen this habit and are more likely to do it again. We may have done it so many times that it truly feels automatic and as though we have no choice.

Then there are times when we don’t want to give in, and so we try to resist the urge. We fight with it, we argue with it in our minds. We may feel fearful or tense because we don’t think we can control it. Often, the more we fight the urge, the more intense it becomes.

Both of these options cause frustration and suffering, and allow the habit to continue.

But there is another option for dealing with a craving or an urge that is more effective.

It sounds counterintuitive, but instead of fighting it, just allow it to be there. Invite the urge in, acknowledge it and give it space. Notice what the urge feels like in your body. Take some deep breaths and relax the parts of your body that feel tense. Remember that an urge is just a feeling, caused by your thoughts. It can’t control you.

When you allow an urge to be there without answering it, you have the opportunity to question what it is about for you and uncover the thoughts and feelings driving it. Then you can choose the way you respond to it.

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