Biggest Myth About Weight Loss and What to Do Instead

I am going to teach you the biggest myth about weight loss and what to do instead. As a woman over 40, you’ve probably noticed that as you get older, it becomes harder to manage your weight. 

You might’ve tried to deal with this by applying the age-old advice of “just eat less and exercise more.” 

But this is one of the biggest weight loss myths and is exactly what you should NOT do!

Why? Because we all have a metabolic set point. 

Your set point is where your body maintains its weight within a preferred range of calories. 

So every time you eat less over a period of time, you lower your set point, meaning that you need to continue eating less in order to maintain that weight.


This is exactly why you might’ve had the experience of temporarily losing weight by cutting calories, only to end up putting the pounds back that you lost once you start eating more again — and even possibly gaining more weight than where you started. So frustrating, right?

Not only that, but when you drastically cut calories, your body will fight this by increasing hunger signals to your brain and slowing down metabolism. Not the results we want.

Though calories have a place in the weight loss discussion, focusing solely on calories is a huge oversimplification. 

When it comes to weight, our HORMONES matter much more than calories.

Hormones influence our hunger, fullness, cravings, metabolism, and whether we store or burn fat.

As we get older and our hormones decline, we’re much more likely to experience hormone imbalance, which is often the reason we may find ourselves having a harder time managing our weight. 

So are we just destined to gain weight as we get older?

No, absolutely not!


There’s plenty we can do with our diet and lifestyle that can help us balance our hormones and maintain a healthy weight, as well as have more energy, better moods, and less brain fog. Sounds great, right?

So what are the diet and lifestyle factors that you need to look at?

Well when it comes to diet, it’s important to look at what you’re eating as well as why you’re eating (anyone a stress eater like I was?) and when you’re eating.

When it comes to lifestyle, in midlife it becomes super-important to dial in things like managing stress levels; getting good quality sleep; doing the right type of exercise for our age; and minimizing the toxins in our environment that we can control, like personal care and cleaning products.

All of these factors have a huge impact on your hormone balance, and you want to do everything you can to maximize and support the balance of your hormones.


In my 12-week one-on-one coaching program, I help you look at all of these factors and set a plan so that you can finally take control of your weight and navigate this stage of your life feeling and looking amazing.

This holistic approach is different from anything you’ve tried, and it’s the key to managing your weight sustainably and permanently.

No more eating less and exercising more! Let’s change the kind of results you’ve been getting. 



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